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Canonically Speaking is the second title to appear on our First Drafts imprint, a zigzag in Kunstverein Publishing’s output that’s dedicated to publishing completed manuscripts that would otherwise, for an array of reasons, not see the light of day in this rough early form. Central to Canonically Speaking is the idea that (female) life is an inherently surrealist experience. In this spirit, the ‘absurd’ is embraced as a means to speak out on themes such as self-image, spirituality, mental health and work. While slipping between poetry, comprehensive list-making, knock knock jokes and intertextual references, forms of recital and misinterpretation often take place, whereby characters quote and repeat sentences and words from a large variety of sources, jumping from the health benefits of whale blubber to court transcripts of Bill Clinton's impeachment to the plasma that is released when microwaving two grapes side by side.

TITLE: First Drafts #2:Canonically Speaking
AUTHOR: Mila Lanfermeijer
EDITED BY: Yana Foqué, Isabelle Sully
DESIGNED BY: Marc Hollenstein
PUBLISHED BY: Kunstverein Publishing
PAGES: 126
DIMENSIONS: 13 x 20cm
ISBN: 9789490629328