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G.B. Jones (b. 1965 Bowmanville, Canada) is often hailed is the founder of queercore. An artist, filmmaker, musician, and publisher of zines, her work first gained noteriaty within the underground scene of Toronto, collaborating with the likes of Bruce LaBruce. Jones' works began pricking ears internationally at the controversial publication of her Tom Girls series – a raunchy collection of ballpoint pen drawings. In the series, Jones both formally and nominally appropriates Tom of Finland’s erotic oeuvre, replacing his hyper-masculine subjects with queer women. The drawings became a vehicle for proudly empowered female sexuality, and were deemed a tad to salacious for the Canadian customs officers who effectively supressed the distribution of Jones' work through all postal means.

Jones' first solo exhibition in Europe opened at Kunstverein in the spring of 2023, coinciding with the reprint of her previously censored collection of drawings “G.B. Jones.” Candy Man drawing was made in the aftermath of her visit to Amsterdam and based on the candies she gleened from the city, with a wink to the cities queer history. The drawing is a unique piece.

Salmiak Knotsen de enige echte
Graphite on paper
21x29 cm (unframed)
Edition 1/1