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Grace Crowley

Poor Sweetheart!

It was the letter about Dorrit’s wrinkled woollen stockings & tea table without a cloth. Dare one suggest to her painting is merely one tiny member belonging to the solemn profession she has proclaimed representative of modern art in Australia?

Blessings on you my one joy in life, your Anne

(Letter to Grace Crowley, August 1932)


Grace Crowley is a publication based on letters sent to the Australian artist and pioneer of modernist painting Grace Crowley (1890–1979) by friends, family and colleagues. Parts of those letters, which are now housed in the Art Gallery of New South Wales and the State Library of New South Wales archives in Sydney, were transcribed and categorised by Riet Wijnen in subsections such as ‘Marital Status’, ‘Teaching’, ‘Hosting’, ‘Eurasia’, ‘X’, ‘Being A Woman’, ‘War’, ‘$’ and ‘Making Work’. The result is an alternative biography constructed solely through a living set of relations.

TITLE: Grace Crowley
AUTHOR: Riet Wijnen
DESIGNED BY: Marc Hollenstein
PAGES: 272
DIMENSIONS: 12 x 17 cm
ISBN: 9789490629212