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Little Boo

Little Boo, Joe Gibbons
Print, work on paper, unframed
21 x 29 cm
Edition of 10

In 2014, inspired by a combination of dire financial straits and a long-running engagement with avante-garde performance, Joe Gibbons decided to rob a bank. The action found him serving a year in jail for third-degree felony robbery when, after bragging to his class, one of his students reported him to the police. Of course, it was all caught on the bank’s security cameras too, not to mention his own handheld one. But Gibbons decided to make the most of his time on Rikers Island, treating his year in prison as an artist residency and proceeding to make many drawings for the first time in his practice. Long story short, this edition is one of the drawings Gibbons produced during this time—a real piece of evidence you’d be lucky to get your hands on.