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Mime Radio

Mime Radio was performed and written orally by French artist Benjamin Seror at a series of events over a two-year period, then transcribed and edited into a novel. The story revolves around a cast of eccentric characters, who meet at the Tiki Coco, a bar in Los Angeles that holds ‘Challenging Reality Open Mic’ nights for amateur inventors and performers. Eventually, the protagonists get caught up in trying to help Marsyas—a character from ancient Greek mythology who lost his body after being defeated in a music contest against the god Apollo—recover his voice, his very ancient voice. Unbeknownst to them, this recovery unleashes a disaster… Mime Radio is a novel about how language and perception can be one and the same.

TITLE: Mime Radio
AUTHOR: Benjamin Seror
DESIGNED BY: Coline Sunier and Charles Mazé
PUBLISHED BY: Bat, Adéra, CRAC Alsace, Sternberg Press and Kunstverein Publishing
PAGES: 136
DIMENSIONS: 12 x 18 cm
ISBN: 978-3-95679-151-2