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In 2018, the exhibition Mr. Peanut at Kunstverein traced the history of Vincent Trasov’s revolutionary alias that ran for mayor of Vancouver in 1974. It included historical documents, publications, correspondence, video footage as well as more recent drawings of Mr. Peanut by Vincent Trasov. Good Housekeeping is the only depiction of Mr.Peanut in crossdress. Good Housekeeping was selected by Trasov, in conversaton with our director, for this auction as a methaphor for Kunstverein's mission to be a home.

Vincent Trasov is a mail-art artist, a painter, video and performance artist. In 1969, together with Michael Morris, he founded Image Bank: a method for personal exchange of information amongst artists. In 1973, he was co-founder and co-director of Western Front Society, Vancouver. In 1992, he and Morris founded the Morris/Trasov Archive, currently housed at Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery, Vancouver. Trasov has had numerous international exhibitions and is represented in public and private collections in both Europe and North America. He presently resides and works in Berlin and Vancouver.

Vincent Trasov/ Mr. Peanut
Good Housekeeping
Edition 1/1